The Team

Welcome to Spinergy Group Cycling.

My Name is Neil Aggett and I’m the founder and owner of Spinergy Group Cycling.

I have been running Group Cycling classes now for over 10 years and in that time I have gained a lot of valuable knowledge and experience on what makes an all round great session.

Myself and my team pride ourselves on making Spinergy Group Cycling a relaxed
and fun environment for all ages and abilities to exercise in. Being qualified and trained by the leading brand Spinning we deliver a professional, well structured class with a wide veriaty of music to keep you motivated.

Our studios are clean and modern and the Star Trac Spinner pro bikes are very well maintained. We pride ourselves on being the leading centre in the Bay for Group Cycling classes.

With all that said why don’t you take us up on the offer of a free taster session to see for yourselves!!

Find out more about our professional, fun and friendly Spinergy team below.

Neil Aggett

Hi my name is Neil Aggett and I run the Indoor cycling classes at Spinergy Torquay.

I have been teaching group cycling classes now for almost ten years in which I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge about how to provide and deliver an effective workout.

I pride my self in making people feel welcome and helping them feel comfortable in what could be an intimidating surrounding for first time riders.

I believe exercise should be fun and enjoyable but structured, my programs provide variety in music and heart rate targets to help people stay motivated and achieve there goals.

Don’t just take my word for achieving results check out some success stories from my class riders, these are but a few people who have put a lot of hard work in and have achieved things they never thought was possible.

I first started group cycling after I suffered a bad injury to my knee, I was putting on weight and needed something to get me in shape fast!!

Group cycling was my savior!! I strengthened my knee lost the weight and got my self back to a good level of fitness in less than four months.

After six months I felt like I could challenge myself with something else so I entered my first 10mile run which i came through with no problems. So on i went Half Marathons, Full Marathons then on to a sprint triathlon, Olympic triathlons, half iron man and then on to my biggest achievement the full Iron man. A grueling 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a full 26.4 mile run.

I have completed 3 full iron man triathlons now and the 4th is just around the corner,I love what I do, and its nice to think that I could be changing someones life by helping them get to a level of fitness that like me gave me the confidence to go out and achieve greater things.

With my guidance and your will to succeed I’m sure you can be the next success story!! See you on that bike!!

Ann spinning classes

Ann Harrison

Ann has been interested in her personal fitness for most of her adult life, however, she says being interested in her fitness didn’t necessarily mean she achieved it! That only started to happen 8 years ago when she discovered ‘Spinning’.

Ann says, like anything, some may prefer different training methods. I tried just about everything that came along before taking up Spinning, some I enjoyed more than others but none gave me as much enjoyment or the level of all round fitness as Spinning.

It’s a workout I never tire of, I love the music, the varied beats and familiar tunes helps to energize me and even tends to take my mind off the barriers of tiredness we are all familiar with.

Ann feels she understands the difficulties faced by those just starting and taking beginner classes gives her a real buzz, especially when seeing how quickly people gain better levels of strength & fitness which boosts their confidence to move on to intermediate sessions.

Ann is as passionate about Spinning now as she was she first started. I was so determined to become a qualified instructor. Determination became excitement when I was invited to join Neil’s’ team which will be obvious to those attending my classes.

I guarantee an energy filled 40 minutes of calorie burning fun so, stop thinking about joining, just do it, you wont regret it … & that’s a promise.

I look forward to meeting you soon,

michelle spinning classes

Michelle Pollard

Michelle is a Qualified Personal Trainer and Affiliated Spinning Instructor. She has always been into fitness and is a very disciplined trainer due to her Armed Forces background.

She enjoys running, weight training, road cycling and of course Spinning which is her passion. Being a very friendly & cheerful person, Michelle really enjoys taking the Spinning Classes.

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